The type of cannabis licensing and documentation your marijuana business requires will depend on both the location of your operation and the sort of business you are conducting.

Cannabis Grower/Producer: Ability to plant, cultivate, grow, harvest, and dry marijuana.

  • Micro Tier I (up to 625 sqft)
    Micro Tier II (up to 1250 sqft)
    Tier I (up to 5,000 sqft)
    Tier II (up to 10,000 sqft)

  • Micro Tier I (up to 2,500 sqft)
    Micro Tier II (up to 5,000 sqft)
    Tier I (up to 20,000 sqft)
    Tier II (up to 40,000 sqft)

Cannabis Processor: Ability to process, compound, or convert marijuana into cannabinoid products, concentrates, and/or extracts.

Cannabis Wholesale: Can purchase quantities of marijuana from other licensed facilities and sell the products to licensed retailers, processors, producers, other wholesalers, or research certificate holders.

Cannabis Laboratory: Accredited by ORELAP and responsible for testing marijuana items for pesticides, solvents or residual solvents, tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol concentration, and for microbiological or other contaminants.

Cannabis Retail: Can sell or deliver marijuana items directly to consumers.

Cannabis Research Certificate: Ability to research marijuana for the purpose of benefiting the state’s cannabis industry, medical research, or public health and safety.

Be prepared to present the following items in your application:

  • Business details: company name, physical and mailing address, Secretary of State Number
  • Funding sources: interested parties and legal entities
  • Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS)
  • Business Operating plan
  • Floor plan of proposed facility
  • Proof of right to occupy the premises
  • Other documentation depending on license type.