The main goal of the personal strategy in financial meaning is achieving definite level of profit therefore we need to have permanent income. And one of the sources of incomes is passive income. Passive income is defined as “income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.”

Some examples of passive income are:

  • Any type of property income
  • Earnings from a business that does not require direct involvement
  • Rent from property
  • Interest from a bank account
  • Earnings from internet advertisements on websites

There are so many DIFFERENT PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS it’s hard to choose appropriate

Some passive income revenue streams are high risk and require a high initial investment. They can be too good to be true and some are really are. Others are low risk and will allow you to earn some additional cash without risking to throw out all your money.

Investment Income

Dividends can be great sources of passive income. Dividend paying stocks provide regular dividend income and often increase in value over time. It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to set up this type of passive income stream but it often takes a significant amount of capital to generate a reasonable amount of income and, as with any investment decision, it’s worth doing your research and taking the time to monitor your portfolio.

Bank Accounts

One of the quickest ways to improve your revenue stream is to improve the interest rate you are getting from your savings or checking accounts. Traditional checking and savings accounts are often the lowest yielding accounts you can ever have. You should just leave maybe just about 10% of your cash base in those accounts for easy access during an emergency. The rest should be transferred to various accounts that have a higher interest.

Rental Income

Some people have converted their basement or a floor of their home into an apartment that they rent out while others have bought additional houses/apartments and found tenants to rent them. While the idea of someone else’s money paying off your mortgage and leaving you with the equity in the home is an appealing one to many, being a landlord is not for everyone. Bad tenants, maintenance costs or lengthy vacancies can create expenses that disrupt your rental income stream and it can take a lot of time and effort to screen potential tenants and take care of your rental property.

Internet Income

Blogging, building static websites and podcasting are all popular ways of creating income streams and there are plenty of people who are profiting from sharing information and opinions with others online. It can take a lot of time and effort to create content and build an audience but if you can get a steady stream of traffic flowing, the rewards can be more than worth the “sweat equity” you invested.

Creating Products

This is a good option if you are skilled in a certain area of two, say in gardening or crocheting. By establishing yourself as an expert, you are now in the position of spreading that knowledge to people who would like to find more about your area of expertise. The internet and other technology have made it so much easier to get your information product out there on the market. No longer will you have to rely on getting a book deal from a name brand publishing house.

But how we can find and decide where to put our money? My advice is diversification!


We recommend to use Hierarchy Analysis Method to take into account all important criteria.