Coworking spaces in Europe. Market research.

Coworking spaces in Europe. Market research.

More and more people around the world are turning to freelance employment. Those people are looking for spaces to work in. The solution to this growing problem is coworking spaces – communal offices that are shared by start-ups, new businesses, digital companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Coworking Space is an emerging working mode which provides the comfortable environment for the social gathering of numerous people who can cooperate with each other in order to achieve the most efficient work. Whether they are small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers or independent individuals, they can gather together to share work environment.

The number of coworking spaces continues to increase and they have grown by 36% in 2015, which puts the number of coworking spaces worldwide at around 7,800.

Unlike technology parks, coworking spaces are generally smaller and privately funded. They usually feature a handful of desks for daily or monthly rent, as well as private office space or even conference rooms. While on a day-to-day basis they function as office spaces for small companies and freelancers, some coworking spaces in Eastern Europe have evolved into the epicentres of local start-up communities.

The USA were the leaders with 531 official coworking spaces in 2011 (source: 2nd Global Coworking Survey), while there were only 467 in Europe. In 2013, Europe is where we can find the majority of coworking spaces in the world, with no less than 1160 spaces (about 50% of the world). This is an amazing growth since 2011, almost 150%. The numbers of coworking spaces in Europe continued to increase dramatically and in 2014 they have grown by 130% to 2700 spaces from 3400 in the world (almost 80%).

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