Business Plans and Pitch Slides Samples

Over the past 15 years, we have built a reputation of excellence.  More than 300 clients across the globe have benefited from our expertise, in a wide scope of industries, including personal care, retail, aeronautic, consulting, food and beverage, travel, hunting and fishing, real estate, import/export, medical, manufacturing and online business, to name but a few.

Our latest projects in business planning and marketing:

  • Organic Personal Care Products (market research)
  • Civil Constructions in Antigua (business plan)
  • Kiosk with beverages in Park, Australia (business plan)
  • Co-working Spaces in Europe (market research)
  • Doll’s Manufacture in Nigeria (business plan)
  • On-line Delivery Service Platform in Australia (business plan)
  • Green Business Directory in Australia (business plan)
  • Co-working Market in Eastern Europe (market research)
  • Crowd-funding Platform in SA (research, business plan)
  • Fitness Gym with Franchisee in UK (business plan)
  • Application development in USA (marketing, business plan)
  • Sole trader electrician in UK (business plan)
  • Telecom company in South Africa (marketing, business plan, licensing)
  • Bakery in UK (business plan)
  • Resort construction in Finland (business plan)
  • Hotel renovating in Italy (marketing, business plan)
  • Diving and MICE markets (marketing)
  • Consulting Company in Bulgaria (business plan)
  • Small wind power engineering in Germany (marketing)
  • Web project in Ukraine (business plan)
  • Flower shop in Greece (business plan)
  • Manufactory of dairy products in Russia (business plan)
  • Construction hubs for cargo airline in Russia (business plan)
  • Juice factory in Greece (business plan)
  • Mini-hotel in the UK (business plan)
  • LNG plant in Mongolia (marketing and business plan)

Get inspired with our gallery of free business plan samples.