We do market researches and deliver work that shapes and underpins marketing decisions. We help understand markets, innovate and build brand and maximise sales to get the best return on investments. We help by providing unequalled research expertise throughout their innovation and brand development process. We deliver in-depth understanding of the drivers of consumer choice and of the marketing challenges faced by our clients.

Our experts provide integrated qualitative and quantitative research, using engaging new digital tools as well as advanced modelling and forecasting techniques.

Our expert teams in Consumer Goods, Industry & Services, Shopper & Retail and Healthcare have a deep understanding of how their sector works; this ensures that our recommendations about marketing actions reflect the real complexity of the area in which our client operates.

Whilst the core of any research business is the ability to find out what motivates and influences consumers and customers, the difference we bring is our ability to help marketers make the right decisions, based on those insights, bringing a commercial edge to everything we do.

To determine the market viability and operational challenges of business the most frequent questions include:

  • What is the market opportunity (is there a need for the business)?
  • What type of competition is there?
  • Can the targeted market support the business?
  • What types of customers will the business attract?
  • Are there suitable facilities in the area?
  • How much funding is needed?
  • How much monthly revenue is needed to achieve break even?

We are at our best when we work with our clients on a complete journey from foundational market understanding and segmentation work, through to ideation, concept testing and development, optimisation and simulated test market.

We work very broadly on innovation issues, be that a new product, a new pack, a new shopping fixture, the ambience and effectiveness of the outlet, or even a new service. Beyond launch, we help our client measure launch effectiveness, optimise brand equity and brand portfolios and identify opportunities for brand stretch.

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